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It is possible to fully customize our pads with the following spec options.


Senior sizes run from 30" to 38". Additional inches can be added at no extra cost, provided that the finished pad does not exceed legal limits.

Knee Lock

The open knee lock offers more mobility and space for the knee pads. In addition, it allows the knee to easily rotate and remain perpendicular to the ice while in the butterfly position.

The closed knee lock completely envelops the knee to offer more support, giving the goalkeeper greater control and pad responsiveness.

Thigh board

Our thigh protectors are available in two different versions: rounded and square. The rounded protector conforms well to the shape of the thigh and is worn under the goal pants, while the square protector is worn on the outside of the pants. It should be noted that it is forbidden to use the square version in most competitive leagues.  For complete knee protection we recommend our knee guards.

Leg channel

An open channel allows the leg to rotate more easily due to the wider channel.  In addition, the design allows the leg to slide further down toward the foot when in a butterfly.

A closed channel includes a narrower space framed by two wings that allow a tighter attachment to the leg. This type of support allows better calf control.


The flexibility of our pads can be adjustable at 4 differnet internal points: three at the knee and one at the ankle. Each of these points can be designed according to six levels of foam density inside the pads.

In order to ensure that you choose the right flexibility, it is important to inform us of your preferences and your style of play. The level of flexibility recommended will also depend on your physical strength. A flexible pad will curve more easily, while a stiff leg will resume its initial position for longer.

Strapping options

It is possible to vary the number and position of each of leather leg pad straps.

Lighter nylon straps are also available. These straps, which replace the leather straps, attach quickly and still retain the same tension once the system is adjusted to the player. In addition, they are easily replaceable when they lose their effectiveness due to wear.*

*This option is not included in the basic fee.

Outer Roll

Two outer roll designs are available.  The square has a more traditional and refined appearance whereas the trangular shape is more modern and helps deflect the puck more toward the face of the pad. 


The curve is dependent upon the goalie's style and level of flexibility. A shallow curve is ideal for wider butterflys and allows for more lateral coverage. A more pronounced curve is ideal for goalies with less flexibility who want to close their 5-holes more completely.

Genuine Leather

Nothing is like genuine leather, the feel, the touch and the odor, nothing is comparable to it. Also, it procure a awesome flexibility to the gear that can't be reach with any other material. Obviously, the real leather need more care then the regular material, approximately one wax per month depending of the use.*

*This options is additional charge

The Technology

Passau works constantly to improve its products and is always on the lookout for the latest technologies.
Knee Landing

Passau knee locks are designed to be simple and efficient. In order to increase the speed of knee rotation, we purposefully use materials that will not impede the butterfly transition.

The knee block shock absorber is also available with Maltese, a high-density gel recognize for its flexibility and comfort along with its ability to avoid deterioration over years of usage.*

*This option is not included in the basic fee.

Knee accessories

Knee lifts allows the knee to be raised so as to be able to open the legs wider in the butterfly position and to reduce the tension exerted on the hips and impact to the knees. Knee lifts are available in two densities: 1/2 "(1.25 cm) and 3/4" (1.9 cm).

Maltese knee spacers are also available to help raise the knee position. Maltese is a high density gel that combines comfort and flexibility. With a very long service life, it does not deform over the years. In addition, the liners are covered with a non-slip fabric that improves stability and control of the knee.

Boot and Toe Strapping

The leather strap connecting the leg to the skate is attached to each side of the foot to provide a more direct response. The strap can be positioned at the back of the pad or under the pad. An elastic version of the strap is also available.

There are four toe tie options: the standard jenpro and skate lace toe tie is included in the base price. An elastic toe tie is also available, and offers more control and allows the skate to easily reach the ice when in the butterfly position. A sliding toe tie is also available, offering even more flexibility and mobility.  Finally, angled toe ties are available which brings the boot closer to the ice during the initial position.

Deeper boot section

A deeper boot channel option is avialble for those goalies looking for increased leg pad control.  The deeper channel allos the pad to sit more on the skate and closer ot the ice.*

*This option is not included in the basic price.

Sliding Surface

In order to reduce friction during slides as well as prevent premature wear, we have eliminated stitching, graphics and the use of nylon on the inside surface of the pad.  We also offer the option to use weave jenpro on the inner gusset area for goalies looking for better sliding ability.

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